Teen Leadership and Training – At Camp!

Ready for the next step? Camp Granite Lake offers a new Counselor-In-Training Program for teens finishing 10th grade. First year participants will will have the opportunity to experience camp in a whole new way. They will learn about being a staff member from counselors on topics including: staff training, cabin life, leading activities, and program planning. Through shadowing, mentorship, and direct experiences, CITs will gain the skills and knowledge to assist counselors in the cabin and in some of their favorite activities at camp.

How Many CITs?
The CIT program takes place in our 2nd session (boys) and 4th session (girls), with a capacity of 6 teens per session.

What Do They Do?
Like other campers, CITs will live in a cabin together with a counselor. In the first week, the CIT program allows them to choose and participate in all aspects of the camp program. In the second week, CITs will help lead activities and programs, and get an even better feel for the job of a counselor.

In addition to activities, CITs will gain experience by helping with the camp’s facility, kitchen, and hospitality areas. CITs will meet regularly with a director to talk about leadership in camp and beyond, as well as discuss situations and challenges that come up during their session as CIT.

How Much Does it Cost?
The CIT Program is $2,075 for the two-week session (Camper tuition is $2,375). There are no additional fees on top of this, and CITs, just like campers, get their own Camp Granite Lake water bottle and t-shirt!

How Do I Apply?
To be accepted as a Counselor-In-Training at Camp Granite Lake, applicants are asked to fill out an application (in addition to the standard camper application found online), and participate in an interview with one of the CGL Year-Round Staff.

  • Step 1: Apply for the CIT Session through our camper application system
  • Step 2: Fill out an online questionnaire / application (link provided after we confirm space in the program)
  • Step 3: Participate in a FaceTime-style interview with a CGL Year-Round Staff