Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Camp Granite Lake!
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Food and Dining
How are meals served?  What is the food like?

Meals at camp are a time to relax, enjoy great food, and connect with friends and counselors.  All of our meals are served ‘family style’, with campers responsible for helping set tables, serve food, and clean up.  Our food is cooked from scratch, and it’s often a highlight of a campers time at CGL!  There is a cereal bar available at most breakfasts, as well as a salad bar available at lunch and dinner.  We are excited to have Justin, our chef, returning for 2016!

My child has a special diet/allergy.  Can you accommodate them?

Yes!  We are able to accommodate most dietary needs and allergies, including: vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free, peanut/tree-nut and soy allergies.  Please feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Health and Safety
What if there is a medical emergency at camp?

We have a Registered Nurse on site at all times, and all staff are CPR and First Aid certified. Additionally, our Backpacking counselors are Wilderness First Aid certified.  We have arrangements with our local EMT and Fire services, and have a response time to camp of less than ten minutes. 

Transportation & Logistics
What time are drop off and pick up?

All sessions start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday.  Drop off on Sunday is from 3-4pm and pick-up on Saturday is from 9-10am.

Do you provide airport pick-up for campers arriving from out of town?

We provide pick-up and drop off at Denver International Airport for campers coming in from out of town.  A staff member will wait for your camper at the gate for pick-up, and will accompany them to their gate and ensure departure at drop off.  Please be sure to notify us four weeks prior to the start of your campers session if your camper will be flying in or out of Denver International Airport.

Our Staff
Who are your counselors?

Most of our counselors are current college students or recent college graduates.  All must be nineteen years old, or have completed a year of college.  All camp staff are FBI and Colorado Trails background checked, as well as checked against the National Sex Offender Database.  All staff go through a week-long staff training prior to campers arriving.

How do you choose staff?

We typically hire less than 10% of all applicants, and those who make the cut have gone through a rigorous application and interview process and are chosen based on: the judgement they have shown in their personal, professional, and academic lives, their knowledge and experience working with children, and their willingness to create a camper first environment, where the decisions they make day to day, in and out of camp, reflect a commitment to our campers experience.  We have about 50% of our staff returning for 2016!

What is your camper to counselor ratio?

We maintain at least a 4:1 camper to counselor ratio in all cabins.

Programs & Camp Life
My camper is 9 years old.  Should they do the one or two week program?

This is one of the most common questions we get!  About half of our first time 9-year olds do the one week and half the two week  The one-week session serves as a wonderful introduction, and is great for first time campers!  About 80% of our one-week campers return the next summer for a 2-week session.  Nine year olds who have experience being away from home, or are eager for the camp experience, typically do great in the two-week session. 

How Many Campers are enrolled each Session?

We typically have about 100 campers per session.  

Where do Campers live?

Campers live in rustic, cozy, cabins with fellow campers and their counselors.  We have newer bunk beds with cubbies, and provide sheets, blankets and pillows for each camper.  Cabins range in size from 6-12 campers and 2-3 staff.  We always maintain at least a 4:1 camper to counselor ratio in cabins.  Cabins are gender specific, and campers are bunked by their grade and age.

What is the bathroom set up?

Our one-week campers and some two-week campers live in cabins with adjoined bathrooms.  Most two-week campers live in cabins with adjacent bathrooms and sinks, and a central bathhouse a short walk away. 

How do campers choose activities?

A key component to the CGL program is the ability for our two-week campers to choose their own activities.  Each week, staff present their activities to campers and allow for a ‘shopping’ period, where campers can ask any questions they may have about a specific activity.  Campers then choose activities for each of their time slots. All activities operate on a two-day rotating basis.  We open enough spots in all of our most popular programs, so that every campers has the opportunity to do it at least once.    

Is CGL affiliated with any religion or religious organization?

Camp Granite Lake is not affiliated with any religion or religious organization, and there are no formal religious services or ceremonies at camp.  Campers and staff come from many different backgrounds, and campers and staff are taught to respect each others beliefs.  We do believe that living in a supportive community and being connected to nature, does make camp a spiritual place.  

Electronics Policy
Do you allow electronics at camp?

We are a ‘screen free’ camp.  Please do not send any cell phones, IPADS, IPODS or Kindles.  A digital camera is OK as long as it doesn’t have any other function.

What if my child gets homesick?

Homesickness is a totally normal occurrence that every camper and staff deals with to some extent.  We work hard to train our staff in how to work with campers dealing with homesickness, and for most, some gentle encouragement and some time talking with a counselor or staff is just right cure!  In more serious cases, Tommy or Tom would contact you to help set up a plan for your campers success! 

Can I call my child? Can they call me?

As a policy, we do not allow parents to call campers, or for campers to call home.  Parents may send mail, and campers may write as much as they wish.  We deliver mail to cabins each day

How do I send mail to camp?

Please address mail to:
Camper Name
Cabin Name
11902 Camp Eden Road
Golden, CO 80403

How do I contact a Director?

You may contact Tommy or Tom via their e-mail or phone.

Tommy Feldman – Owner and Director
720-249-2997 Ext 7

Tom Pevear – Assistant Director
720-249-2997 Ext 3

 How do I view photos of camp?

To view photos of camp, please go to, and use your provided password.  Have questions?  Contact Tom at 720-249-2297×3 or

How do I change/cancel sessions?

To change or cancel a session, please contact Tom at 720-249-2997×3 or